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What people are saying about NEXUS Magazine
"NEXUS Magazine should be on every thinking person's desk. It fills that news gap between fact and fancy, covering topics unfamiliar to most people."
Jim Marrs, New York Times Best Selling author and journalist
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What people are saying about NEXUS Magazine

"NEXUS Magazine should be on every thinking person's desk. It fills that news gap between fact and fancy, covering topics unfamiliar to most people."
Jim Marrs, New York Times Best Selling author and journalist                                   

"NEXUS has always been a beacon of light for independent minds.  It has pioneered brilliant research into every area of human existence where the word 'forbidden' has been applied by controllers.  NEXUS has broken down barrier after barrier.  When necessary, it's gone under the earth, deep into the ocean, and far out into space.  It's penetrated mega-corporations, criminal governments, and elite secret societies.  NEXUS is a one-in-a-million long shot that has succeeded gloriously, and it has sustained itself for decades.  I'm betting that, long after the most prestigious major media outlets have drowned in their own crimes and red ink, NEXUS will still be here, pointing the way."     
Jon Rappoport,

"I was first exposed to NEXUS in January 1996 when I found it on sale at a bookshop in Cronulla. My two young sons were with me - at that stage of my life I had finished having children because of my age. The magazine had an article on the dangers of the pill so I decided to go off it for a month to give my body a rest. Well, it certainly changed my life because in a few weeks my daughter will be turning 20!  All because of a NEXUS magazine!"
Karen Mutton, via Facebook

"I have been reading NEXUS Magazine for many years now. I have never been disappointed with any issue. I find something with each article that always makes me research things further. Thank you for that!"
Tom Kiretyan

"I cannot recall a single copy of NEXUS that did not have at least 5 articles of interest to me. Thats pretty good when you wade through all the fluff in other magazines and on other websites. I've used NEXUS news items for nearly three decades on Keelynet."
Jerry Decker,

"NEXUS prides itself as being the world’s Number 1 magazine for alternate news, health, future science and the unexplained ― something which it admirably lives up to. Through this venue comes thoughts which lead to progress in fields otherwise not obtainable within the rigid framework of tunnel-versioned dogma or accepted opinion ― always allowing the writer to question, with references, their validity."
Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

"Through the incorporation of its many elements of science and extra-terrestrial knowledge, ’NEXUS Magazine’ is a compendium of great scope and precision. There is a wide range of wisdom that emerges from the content, of which serves as an excellent beginning to those seeking an alternative media. Affecting and interesting, NEXUS Magazine certainly deems exploration.
R.D. Gennari, author of the Battle for Skeptron series.

"In times of rapidly expanding consciousness and the mass awakening of humanity everywhere, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a reliable source of new knowledge and well researched critical information to help us on our path of enlightenment. The internet and independent media is overflowing with all kinds of so-called credible sources of knowledge and breaking news reports, but how do we know who is telling us the truth and who is deceiving us? Duncan Roads' NEXUS MAGAZINE has been a well researched and credible source of new and diverse knowledge for over 2 decades - telling it like it is and never afraid to correct their mistakes. I cherish every NEXUS copy I have as a valuable source of research and I always look forward with great anticipation to every new issue - to blow my mind even more.  Keep going Duncan and the amazing NEXUS team."
Michael Tellinger

"I have been reading NEXUS avidly for about ten years now, and it has had a huge impact on my life and awareness. Excellent work."
Lindsey Campbell, via Facebook

"Nexus is quite simply the antidote to mainstream, vested-interest-protecting scientific orthodoxy. If NEXUS didn't exist it would be necessary, nay essential, to invent it. Fortunately for us all Duncan Roads has and long may it and he prevail."
Theo Chalmers, via Facebook

"Been buying and reading NEXUS for many years, the best magazine ever, it has opened my eyes to so many things, so much is happening in this world that most people know nothing about but as an avid reader I know a little, thank you so much Duncan…"
Patricia Burch, via Facebook

"There are very few beacons of real journalism that stimulate and inform in Australia, NEXUS not only rises to the challenge, but leads the way. The truths that are inconvenient, illuminating or could change the world for the better are ignored by most media outlets, but it is staple diet of NEXUS and the reason why this publication is a vital cog in the years to come."
Steven & Evan Strong,

"Do you remember what life was like 17 years ago? We do! The world was a different place in many ways and in others much the same but one thing happened that has steered the course away from the rocks of blindness and the mundane for us. We began our relationship with NEXUS Magazine and the ideal of free thinkers making their own mind based on the encouraging yet confronting articles gave growth and unlatched the shackles  that still bound us.   The message is clear and the amount of thought provoking material along with exposure to the ways, methods and possibilities which are mostly shrouded or concealed for the public eye are here and revealed.  NEXUS has been a great avenue for knowledge transfer and exploration of all subject matter and we have made many a friend through the NEXUS family."
Stephen A., via Facebook

I'll never forgive the friend who introduced me to NEXUS.  After I'd read one issue, I was hooked and bought it regularly, eventually taking out a subscription.  It is like an addiction:  I have withdrawal symptoms between issues. 
There is nothing quite like NEXUS Magazine for its depth and diversity, and its insight into subject areas which are simply not covered in mainstream media yet are openly uncovered in NEXUS.  It's a thinking person's bedtime (or any time) read.  The price is a bargain for 88 colour pages of engrossing material.  My only regret is that it appears only every two months.  This simply isn't enough!  I think you'll agree. 
Martin Blackburn, England, UK

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