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NEXUS Conference 2016

The 2016 NEXUS Conference will again take place on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Australia on 18, 19 and 20 June, 2016 and include information and analysis on subjects such as: Artificial intelligence; “black goo”; technology updates; the latest on gut health and its implications in immunity; the afterlife; exopolitics; missing persons mysteries and more to be announced.

EARLYBIRD SPECIAL: book now at this link to receive a discount, available only until the end of March.

Contact Novotel Twin Waters Resort for accommodation and mention you are attending the NEXUS Conference for a special rate.

Confirmed speakers and presentations:

David Paulides (USA) Discussion on the Missing 411 book series, missing people and specifically, cases from Australia that match the profile established in the series.

Gary Cook (New Zealand) Pre-Maori inhabitants of New Zealand and the "little people".

Don Chisholm (Australia) Presenting on the simplicity of being healthy, Don will relay the latest information on the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the gut.

Film premiere: Packing for Mars is the latest offering from the producer–director team that brought us Solar Revolution add link to product (screened at the 2013 NEXUS Conference). Inspired by the 1970s science fiction novel Alternative 3, one man, armed with nothing but a camera and an open mind, sets forth on a journey to reveal the truth behind what may well be one of the most startling secrets: an elite group is said to be secretly building an exclusive off-world survival colony on the planet Mars.

Brendan Murphy (Australia): Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement

Peter Smith (Australia): Our Consciousness has the innate ability to move beyond time, space and physical form. Peter returns this year to share the latest findings from the Institute for Quantum Consciousness, including interdimensional existences, alternate realities and “Life Between Lives”.

Narada Firebird Vantari and Pratima Mumford-Sephton (Bali) will present on Gunung Padang, other Indonesian mystery sites and their implications.

Mark Langdon (New Zealand) educates us on scalar energy and EMR protection. 

NEXUS Editor Duncan Roads, CoEvolution author Alec Newald and David Griffin will discuss AI (artificial intelligence) and “black goo”. David will join us from the UK via Skype.

Karen Ong (Australia) on UFOs and disinformation.

Steve Parker (Australia) Medicinal uses of both industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis, current legal changes in Australia, the conspiracy to control the cannabis medicinal qualities by Big Pharma, using our legal and law enforcement systems. Steve will also discuss cannopathy as a legal method to complimentary therapy.

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