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NEXUS Conferences

Presently there are no NEXUS Conferences in the pipeline in the usual three-day format. However, we are happy to present the Secret History of Australia conference, this June in Brisbane. Follow this link for more...

Available for viewing online: 2016 NEXUS Conference

Browse our range of conference DVDs here...

Click here to watch either individual presentations or the complete 2016 NEXUS Conference hosted by Duncan Roads.  The 2016 conference included information and analysis on subjects such as:

  • missing persons conspiracy—the cover-up of numbers and causes;
  • secret space civilisations—are we alone?;
  • giants—the historical suppression of reports and evidence;
  • artificial intelligence and “black goo”—terraforming or terrifying?;
  • breakthrough on scalar energy and electromagnetic protection;
  • gut health—new research and new cures for disease;
  • the afterlife, interdimensional existences and alternate realities;
  • medicinal cannabis in Australia—coming soon;
  • DNA activation as a way of accelerating our evolution and awakening;
  • Indonesian ancient mystery sites that defy mainstream theory;
  • UFOs and disinformation;
  • covert operations of the medical dictatorship; and
  • film premiere: "Packing for Mars".

DVDs available via this link.

NEXUS Conference 2016

Don Chisholm
Gut health—new research and new cures for disease

Mark Langdon
Scalar energy and electromagnetic protection

Narada Firebird Vantari & Pratima Mumford-Sephton
Indonesian ancient mystery sites

Packing for Mars film premiere

Hugh Newman (Skype)
Giants—the suppression of reports and evidence

Jon Rappoport (Skype)
Medical dictatorship—the ultimate agenda of the medical police state

Dr Michael Salla (Skype)
Parallel and secret space civilisations

David Paulides
Missing persons conspiracy—the cover-up of numbers and causes

David Paulides continued, then Duncan Roads
David answers questions on missing persons and Duncan overviews artificial intelligence and "black goo".

David Griffin then Alec Newald
Artificial intelligence and “black goo”—terraforming or terrifying?

Brendan Murphy

DNA activation as a way of accelerating our evolution and awakening

Karen Ong
UFOs and disinformation—the “Be Witness” fallout

Steve Parker
Medicinal cannabis and Big Pharma in Australia

Peter Smith
The afterlife, interdimensional existences and alternate realities


Presenter information:

Hugh Newman
(UK) via Skype:  Author, conference organiser, world explorer, tour host, and megalithomaniac, Hugh Newman has appeared in the last three seasons of Ancient Aliens and his latest research and NEXUS Conference presentation focus on giants in the historical record.

Dr Michael Salla (US/Aus) via Skype: A pioneer in the development of Exopolitics, Michael speaks about parallel and secret space civilisations.

David Paulides (USA): Discussion on the Missing 411 book series, missing people, and specifically, cases from Australia that match the profile established in the series.

Don Chisholm (Australia): Presenting on the simplicity of being healthy, Don relays the latest information on the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the gut.

Film premiere: Packing for Mars is the latest offering from the producer–director team that brought us Solar (R)evolution (screened at the 2013 NEXUS Conference). Inspired by the 1970s science fiction novel Alternative 3, one man, armed with nothing but a camera and an open mind, sets forth on a journey to reveal the truth behind what may well be one of the most startling secrets: an elite group is said to be secretly building an exclusive off-world survival colony on the planet Mars.

Brendan Murphy (Australia): Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement discusses DNA activation as a systematic way of accelerating our evolution and awakening, and returning to or (re)activating our ener-genetic multidimensional DNA Source templates.

Peter Smith (Australia): Our consciousness has the innate ability to move beyond time, space and physical form. Peter returned this year to share the latest findings from the Institute for Quantum Consciousness, including interdimensional existences, alternate realities and “Life Between Lives”.

Narada Firebird Vantari and Pratima Mumford-Sephton (Australia/Bali): A presentation on the mysterious ancient pyramidal structure Gunung Padang in West Java, and other Indonesian mystery sites and their implications.

Mark Langdon (New Zealand): the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the human population and ways and means of protection from this unseen hazard. Mark talks about his role as founder of Blushield, touching on the history of this product and how it has evolved over the last 30 years.

NEXUS Editor Duncan Roads, David Griffin and CoEvolution author Alec Newald each consecutively discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and “black goo”.

Jon Rappoport (USA) via Skype: Starting from current medical covert operations, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport traces the meaning and ultimate purposes of the medical police state on a national and global level.  What are they doing, how they are doing it and why?  Zika virus, vaccines, phony epidemics, psychiatric fraud—it all adds up to a vast cartel with designs on our present and future.
Karen Ong (Australia): UFO disinformation, the “Be Witness” fallout, and the Mexico–Australia connections. In her presentation, Karen reviews all of the evidence presented during the May 2015 Mexico City “Be Witness” presentation of an alleged extraterrestrial body and explores the chain reaction of events which transpired in the days and weeks following. The Mexico City presentation triggered what was arguably the greatest display of negative reactions by UFO researchers ever witnessed in the history of ufology. But many questions still remain unanswered. Why did this reaction occur? What knowledge was gained or lost from this fallout, and what are the potential ramifications of this for the field of ufology and for humanity?

Steve Parker (Australia): Medicinal uses of both industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis, current legal changes in Australia, and the conspiracy to control the cannabis medicinal qualities by Big Pharma using our legal and law enforcement systems. Steve discusses cannopathy as a legal method to complementary therapy.

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