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NEXUS Conference 2014

The 2014 NEXUS Conference will again take place at Novotel Twin Waters Resort on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Australia and will run from Saturday morning 2 August until Monday evening 4 August.

Book online by following this link.

Program (subject to change):

Don Chisholm (Australia) How to Live Without Disease
Don will cover issues such as weight loss without dieting and reducing ageing and disease, as it relates to gut flora and fauna for health.
Saturday 09.30
James (J.J.) & Desiree Hurtak (USA) From Egypt to Tesla
The Hurtaks delve into Ancient Egypt, consciousness and the future.
Saturday 11.30
Michael Tellinger (South Africa) Ancient Alien Influence in Africa
Michael is a specialist on ancient mysteries of Africa who will share his knowledge.
Saturday 14.30
Wal Thornhill (Australia) Climate Change is Natural
Wal will explore the electrical Sun and its effects on climate.
Saturday 16.30
Simon Parkes (UK - via Skype) Aliens, Humans and The Future
Simon will enlighten us on Human-ET history and politics.
Saturday 20.00

Greg Fredericks (Australia) Cancer Paradigms
Greg's presentation will assess various cancer therapies and their effectiveness as well as new cutting edge findings of a universal cancer marker found in all 200 types of cancer.
Sunday 09.30
Joe McMoneagle (USA) Remote Viewing, ETs and the Future
Joe will share experiences from his long career in remote viewing, including observing beings on Mars during ancient times.
Sunday 11.30
John Lear (USA) 9/11 Cover-up and Secret Technologies
Duncan Roads will interview John Lear via Skype on John’s affidavit that no Boeing 767 planes hit on 911 as well as on aliens and conspiracies.
Sunday 14.30
Gary Cook (NZ) Pre-Maori Mysteries and the ‘Little People’
Dr Gary Cook will discuss pre-Maori occupants of New Zealand and other mysteries. He is a leading writer on the special nature of the mystic realms that are to be found in New Zealand.
Sunday 16.30
Martin Frischknecht (Switzerland) The PowerTube Healing Device
Martin will speak of health successes with his invention, the “PowerTube”.
Sunday 20.00

Sherrill Sellman (USA) Switching on Your  Health and Healing Genes with Nutrigenomics!
The science of  Nutrigenomics is revolutionising the practice of preventative medicine and Sherrill will share strategies for helping us hit the bullseye for health and healing. 
Monday 09.30
Karen Mutton (Australia) Current and Future Threats to Our Wealth
Karen's presentation will update us on bail-ins and pension confiscation, the Global Currency Reset, derivatives threat and cyber threats to our banks.
Monday 11.30
Gary Opit (Australia) Australian Revelations
Gary's presentation will examine the known and unknown natural and human history of the Great South Land.
Monday 14.30
Barry Eaton (Australia) No Goodbyes: Messages From The Heaven World
Barry will explore deeper and deeper into the whole afterlife experience and how it affects our lives in each incarnation.
Monday 16.30

Web bookings can be made by following this link.

Contact Twin Waters for accommodation needs and mention you are attending the NEXUS Conference for a special room rate.

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