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Paranormal, UFOs, New Age

Afterlife Knowledge: Bruce Moen
Alternative Three
Aliens and the Scalpel
Alien Zoo - Jim Marrs
American Society for Psychical Research
AMORC-The Worldwide Rosicrucian Order
Anomalies, Mind Control & Unified Consciousness
The Anomalist
Aulis Online-NASA, Moon, Mars & Mankind
Australian Archaeological Anomalies Research

Bashar-Official Home Page
Beyond Roswell - Phillip Mantle
Bob Frissell's homepage
Bob Lazar's homepage

The Charles Fort Institute
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
The Communion Homepage
Crop Circle Connector
Crop Circle Research
The Cryptozoologist - Loren Coleman
Cryptozoology - the study of hidden animals
CSETI - The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
CSICOP - the skeptics

Dan Sherman's Insider Account of Alien Contact
Dannion Brinkley webpage
Dr Bruce Goldberg - Hypnotherapist
Dr Charles T. Tart - Parapsychology homepage
Dr Frank E. Stranges - NICUFO
Dr Fred Bell's Homepage
Drunvalo Melchizedek website

Earthfiles - by Linda Moulton Howe
The Elder Brothers of Humanity
Exceptional Human Experience Network
ExtraTerrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee

Fatima Network: Our Lady of Fatima Online

Greenleaf Publications - Marc Davenport
Gregg Braden's webpage

History of the Golden Ages
Hollow Planets Theory

Inner Explorations with Dale Graff
International Center forAbduction Research
International UFO Congress Homepage

Jack Shulman-ACC-Roswell site
Dr James J. Hurtak Academy For Future Science
Jane Roberts & Seth

Lake Monsters Of The Northwest
Lazaris Home Page
Life, Truth, Consciousness, Personal and Spiritual Development
Lochness Live
The Love Bite - Eve Lorgen
Lyssa Royal homepage

The Majestic Documents
Maitreya World Teacher in spiritual education
Millennium Research - Ed & Kris Sherwood's homepage
The Monroe Institute

The Mysteries of Antarctica

National UFO Reporting Center

Occultopedia: An Encyclopedia of the Unexplained
Our Earth Is Hollow!
Out of Body Experiences - Albert Taylor
P'TAAH via Jani King
The Pleiadians-channeled by Barbara Marciniak
Prof. Jessica Utts' home page

Raelian's Homepage
Ramtha - School of Englightenment
Reality Shifters - Change the Universe with thoughts
Reality Zone
Reptoids website
Richard Hoagland's website
The Roswell Rods website

Sathya Sai Baba (allegations concerning)
Sathya Sai Baba - Website of concerned former devotees
Self Realisation Fellowship-Yogananda
Sheldan Nidle Homepage
SIGHTINGS - Jeff Rense's excellent show
Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning
The Sourcebook Project: Strange, bizarre & anomalous phenomena
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Stan Friedman's Home Page
Steven Hassan, destructive cults 'expert'
Strange Magazine
Strange Nation - Strange phenomena in Australia
Summit Lighthouse Homepage
Survival after Death

The Treasure of Victoria Peak

UFO*BC Canada UFO Report
UFO Disclosure Project
UFO - US Govt Documents (NSA)
The University of Life-David Kingston
Uri Geller's homepage

Welcome to Hidden Mysteries - a TGS Book Site
Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country
Willem de Ridder
William James - the PK man
WingMakers website
World of the Strange

Zeta Talk via Nancy

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