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Dirty Electricity and Electro Radiation

Understanding Electromagnetic Energy by Donna Fisher
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd

We thought we had enough trouble with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) pervading our environments, and then came along "dirty electricity". It's a plague that's "bigger than all of us", says Donna Fisher in her new book, a follow-up to Silent Fields and More Silent Fields (reviewed in 15/06 and 17/0; article in 16/06). The latest scientific studies suggest that dirty electricity is not only causing cancer, it's speeding up the progress of cancer in the workplace, in the classroom and in the home. So it's good to know that this dirty electricity plague can be kept in check by technologies such as plug-in filters that draw "transients" (caused by an interrupted electrical current flow) out of appliances and wiring and transfers them to ground.

Fisher maintains that electrical equipment today could easily be fitted with filters to reduce the level of dangerous EMR emissions. For now, we add to the plague whenever we buy non-filtered equipment, even energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Fisher presents amazing case studies of people whose health problems, such as debilitating MS, were greatly improved by adopting protective measures against EMF and dirty electricity. And with the increasing prevalence of wireless technology today, we need Fisher's advice now more than ever before.

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