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Vaccination: The Right Choice?

by Maureen Hickman
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description The question of whether or not to have one's child vaccinated is a dilemma for parents; but the more information they have, the more confident they can be in exercising their right to "informed consent". It is in this spirit of enquiry that Maureen Hickman has written "Vaccination: The Right Choice?".

Sydney-based Hickman has drawn on her 25 years of para-legal experience and her expertise in research for legal claims by vaccine-damaged individuals. Much of the data she presents relates to Australian cases and circumstances, but she also covers developments in the USA, UK and Europe.

Hickman addresses the confusion surrounding the withholding of child care payments to Australian parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated, and details consumer rights under the various applicable Acts in Australia, NSW in particular.

She looks at how the Australia Card we didn't want is in effect being revamped via the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register, and chides the government for its failure of duty in not establishing a system for reporting vaccine adverse effects. Most childhood vaccines, she says, are not put through proper clinical trials before being foisted on the defenceless, so the official line that "the benefits far outweigh the risks" is an untested myth until the benefits/risks can be accurately quantified.

With comprehensive information on the make-up and effects of vaccines as well as the vested interests in political, medical, pharmaceutical and media fields, Hickman's book is a great contribution to helping parents decide without feeling intimidated.

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