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Mysteries of Ancient South America

by Harold T. Wilkins (first published in 1947)
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description Mysteries of Ancient South America, by Harold T. Wilkins, is considered a classic in its genre but has been out of print for some time.

Wilkins travelled to South America in 1939 to try to verify his theory that Atlantis, or the ruins of an ancient Atlantean colony, might be found in unexplored parts of Brazil and the land further west. His conclusion was that a giant cataclysm had struck the planet in 9753 BC, to be precise, and that the New World had not escaped unscathed. The sacred Guatemalan Popul Vuh, for instance, describes "a great flood followed by a thick rain of bitumen and resin" which "accomplished the ruin of the race of man which was given up to destruction".

In this fascinating sourcebook, Wilkins uncovers old manuscripts, books and an "Atlantean" alphabet which all give description to the ancient civilisations which flourished around Brazil in antiquity. He sheds light on the so-called "missionary men in black" who, according to traditions around the world and this region particularly, would suddenly appear to warn people of imminent disasters and just as quickly disappear.

Wilkins digs up enticing evidence for subterranean pre-Inca tunnels and strange lights and lost cities in the Amazon jungle. His discussion regarding the antiquity of the ruined city of Tiahuanaco is fascinating in view of geological findings and discoveries of artefacts beneath Lake Titicaca (see Twilight Zone, 7/06).

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