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Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed

by William Henry
Description Behind all myths there is one message, a timeless truth that mystic traditions point to: our Earthly lives are a preparation for life as Starwalkers, advanced, interdimensional beings, who travel the Dimension of the Blessed. In this comprehensive study, the first-ever of its kind, William Henry reconstructs the ancient beliefs in this Dimension from clues from Egypt to Sumeria to Greece to America. When pieced together, these myths create an adventure to a realm of incredible possibility.

A few of the enigmas this book explores are: The Egyptian belief that interdimensional beings of light created humanity; The meaning behind the 'reed,' the key term constantly repeated over thousands of years in these global myths; How Moses' parting of the Sea of Reeds while leading the Israelites to Canaan, the Place of Reeds, is an allegory for the opening of a gate to another realm; The secret meaning behind Jesus performing his first miracle at Cana, which means reed, and the tearing open of the heavens at his baptism and crucifixion; How the human body is capable of producing a spiritual substance that is made of space-time and through which one can see other times and places; How the study of other dimensions can affect our biology and will change our lives in the near future.

Chapters include: A Cosmic Species; The Dimension of the Blessed; The Field; Up Out of Egypt; The Blessed Falcons; The Divine Spark of the Blessed; Atlantis: The Blessed Land; The Sea at the End of the World; Manna and the Blessed Realm; Blessed Sirius; Gilgamesh & Sirius; Tearing Open the Dimension of the Blessed; Judas and the Dimension of the Blessed; more.

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