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The Crucifixion of Truth

Startling New Evidence of Forgery and Fiction in the New Testament by Tony Bushby
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description Using papal statements, the discovery of hidden Church scrolls and the evidence of history as the basis of his arguments, Tony Bushby takes his readers into the shadowy world of ecclesiastical dishonesty where for centuries, an unprincipled church plotted and schemed to create and maintain a false faith, and exploit a gullible public. Now, new evidence from church archives reveals Christianity's darkest secret -- and the conclusion is staggering. The source of this knowledge is revealed and is there for all to research and verify.

Topics include: The discovery of hidden church scrolls; What the two important scrolls are; Gospel of John unauthentic; Origin of the Book of Revelation; Plagiarism in the New Testament; Who were the early church fathers; Many gods and goddesses; The nature of the early churchmen; Dishonesty in the early church; Duped by charlatans; Gods and the church councils; 1500 prostitutes hired for church council; King Constantine's bloodline; Reasons for the first religious 'destitute of foundation'; The two gods of Christianity; Selecting a god; The earliest New Testament; The British 'Roman church'; Church council meetings commence; The essence of the Christian texts; Gospel authors imposters; Slain saviour-gods; Suppression of the Book of Enoch; The 'Secret Sermon on the Mountain'; What virgin?; False verses in Matthew's Gospel; Earlier virgin births; How Mary became 'Mother of God'; Suppression of the Black Madonnas; An ancient document feared by the church; A glaring omission in the world's oldest Bible; The other version of 'raising of Lazarus'; Gods on crosses; Priestly fakeries; Ancient fakes still credited; Messianic 'prophesies' false; The cancelled 'second coming'; Origin of the concept of 'messianic prophesy'; The day the Zombies marched to town; Flying with the Devil; New Testament 'contains fictions'; Cardinal Mohammed; Why the church banned the Bible; Certifying forged documents; Papal forgeries; The 'fiery cross' in heaven; Fake Apostolic Letters and Creeds; Empty pretence... Trinity; New Testament anomalies; Late appearance of the Gospels; Gospels withheld; Removal of reincarnation verses from Gospels; Peter and false papal information; Words falsely attributed to Jesus; Lost books of the Bible; The church censors; Apologetics and martyrs; Unknown cities; City of Nazareth unknown; Depravity of churchmen; The Pope who disbelieved Christianity; The Fatima Secret; The development of enforcement of belief; The forerunner writing of the Gospel of John; and The forerunner writing of the Book of Revelation.

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