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13-Moon Diary of Natural Time (July 14-July 15)

Hardcover diary by Nicole E. Zonderhuis & Sylvia Carrilho - calendar of the Maya including planner. From 26 July 2014 to 24 July 2015.

Red Solar Moon Year

• 176 pages
• full colour
• page size 13 x 20 cm
• bound with elastic binder
• one week on two pages (spread)
• Gregorian annual overview 2014 + 2015
• 13 Moon planner
• Moontime/Cycle calendar
• from 26.07.2014 to 24.7.2015

This 13-Moon Diary is a combination of the Gregorian calendar and the 13-Moon Calendar, or Dreamspell Calendar by José Argüelles. The authors have tried deliberately to keep this diary clear, in order to avoid excessive information. The Divine Being of Time is very complex; many books have been written about it. For more detailed information, refer to books and various websites dedicated to the 13-Moon Calendar. An overview has been included.

More and more people know about the Mayan prophecy and their unique way to deal with Time. The Mayan Tzolkin Calendar of 260 days marks each day with its own special energy. It is wise not to make important decisions on a 'Moon day' when emotions dominate. On a 'Wizard day' (dominated by timelessness) hours can get lost, so try to avoid tight schedules. Also, each month/Moon has its own energy and totem animal.

The 13-Moon Calendar contains one year of 365 days, combined with a 260-day calendar. The source of these calendars is Mayan. They called the annual calendar the Haab and the 260-day cycle the Tzolkin.

With this 13-Moon Diary you can see at a glance what day it is, both according to the 'ordinary' 12-month Gregorian calendar as well as in the 13-Moon Calendar. The solar seal of the day is represented as a pictogram, right next to the 'ordinary' date. You can find the meaning of the pictograms in the diary and plan your activities accordingly. Or you can check the date afterwards to see if it made sense. You can also learn to calculate your own personal 'Mayan horoscope', and those of your friends.


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