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Hollow Planets

A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds - Could the Planets Mercury, Venus and Earth Possibly be Hollow? by Jan Lamprecht
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description Most people baulk at the idea that the Earth—indeed, the planets—could be hollow, but in the spirit of scientific enquiry Jan Lamprecht has gone to the trouble of researching the possibility. In Hollow Planets, he presents his feasibility study, and his logic and arguments are compelling enough to encourage scientists to take a serious look. He uncovers anomalous evidence on magnetic fields, gravity, seismic and radio waves, the aurora, plate tectonics and weather and accounts from arctic explorers and legends, suggesting there may be some truth to the hypothesis.

But why should the idea of a hollow Earth be a problem to consider? The renowned astronomer Sir Edmund Halley proposed the idea over 300 years ago, based on his study of magnetism. Lamprecht, a computer scientist from Johannesburg, suggests there are likely to be small polar openings in the Earth and the planets, and that the planets are powered by nuclear fission reactions which create the magnetic field (as some recent scientific discoveries seem to suggest). There are unexplained bright spots at the poles of Venus, dust storms at the poles of Mercury, and ion streams in the night atmosphere on Earth that cannot be fully explained as emanating from the Sun. There have even been sightings of bright spots on the Moon that may have originated from the north polar region of the Earth, and there are records of polar explorers who claim they saw mirages of huge lands suggestive of a lost polar continent of legend.

This is a well-referenced, in-depth review, supported by photographs and diagrams, that is not out to convince readers that the planets are hollow, but to make us ask whether they are actually solid.

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