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Stone Age Farming

Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century by Alanna Moore
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description This is a journey into the world of esoteric agriculture, connecting ancient wisdom and environmental practices with the latest knowledge in magnetism and agricultural science. Author Alanna Moore specialises in geomancy and dowsing as applied to eco-agriculture, and she is passionate about permaculture and biodynamics.

For "Stone Age Farming", Moore has spent the best part of eight years researching in the field and applying and expanding on principles elucidated by Dr Phil Callahan and others. She has studied the ancient Irish Round Towers at first hand and compared them with modern reproductions in South Australia. The towers—"silicone-rich semiconductors of cosmic energies", according to Callahan—were built with paramagnetic material. Ideally they were sited on downward vortexes, and their purpose may have been to enhance the environmental energy and improve crop yields, or to stimulate heightened spiritual awareness in the local monks. Moore looks at a number of simpler, scaled-down "Tower of Power" designs that can be easily built, and discusses the various problems that may be encountered with inappropriate materials and siting, geological and fence-line interference and so on. She also tackles ethical concerns.

Moore takes an holistic, practical approach to farm and ecosystem management—an approach that identifies and harmonises with subtle energies, utilises eco-sound methods and applies ingenious technologies such as energy-conducting coils for improving soil life and plant growth. Her call for "the eco-farming imperative" is one that we must heed if we're to have a sustainable future.

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