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The Energy Grid

Harmonic 695, the Pulse of the Universe, by Bruce Cathie. This is the breakthrough book that explores the incredible potential of the Energy Grid and the Earth's Unified Field all around us.
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Description Cathie's first book, "Harmonic 33", was published in 1968 when he was a commercial pilot in New Zealand. Since then, Captain Bruce Cathie has been the premier investigator into the amazing potential of the infinite energy that surrounds our planet every microsecond. Cathie investigates the Harmonics of Light and how the Energy Grid is created.

In this amazing book are chapters on UFO Propulsion, Nikola Tesla, Unified Equations, the Mysterious Aerials, Pythagoras & the Grid, Nuclear Detonation and the Grid, Maps of the Ancients, an Australian Stonehenge examined and more.

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