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The Red Lion

The Elixir of Eternal Life by Maria Szepes. An Alchemist Novel (hardcover only).
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description This book is rare and available in hardcover only.

Amidst the hellfire of World War II, Hungarian author Mária Szepes (Orsi) wrote her timeless novel about one man's search for immortality. On release in 1946 The Red Lion was banned, but editions published decades later in German and English attest to its message having more longevity than the powers that suppressed it. Due to popular demand, it is now back in print.

The story spans four centuries, beginning in 1553, in what is now Germany, with the character Hans Burgner who, in his blind determination to acquire the secret of eternal life, murdered his alchemist master Rochard to obtain the mysterious elixir, "the Red Lion". But Hans was too spiritually undeveloped to handle the elixir's effects, and as a result his consciousness was plunged into the darkness of the astral realms. Taking on the role of alchemist and performing 'tricks' for rich patrons, he was unable to save himself from horrific death—nor from his fate of remembering all his subsequent lives. He had no choice but to learn from his mistakes, though he continued his alchemical quest throughout these incarnations.

Four lifetimes later he was reborn in 1760 as Cornelius von Grotte. A pupil of the great alchemist Count St Germain, he went on to become a master Rosicrucian and win his internal battles over negative forces. Things turned full circle when he took on a pupil who did exactly as Hans had done and murdered him for the elixir. In the process, Cornelius reached his goal of oneness with the universal order and understanding of humanity's spiritual progress.

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