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The Thread of Infinity

Visionary fiction by Jon Whistler
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description The tale starts in an ancient civilisation which is known to its inhabitants as "Lemu". The characters reappear in various guises and lifetimes at key points in the Earth's history: in Atlantis; Rome in the time of Julius Caesar; Judea in the time of Jesus Christ; an ancient American "Indian" civilisation; the time of Arthur and Merlin in ancient Britain; pre–World War II Nazi Germany; and on into the super-secret world of the Illuminati and the upper echelons of the global intelligence community.

It is the story of those who feed on the energy of fear so they can maintain their energy source. It is the story of those struggling to break through the boundaries of a deliberately created space-time illusion (plus its attendant ego) and awaken to the energies of their God within — unconditional love.


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