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Tears in Heaven

By Ian Ross Vayro. In the past, the Church has been the arbitrator and authority on theology and learning, but the facade is now falling apart as an absolute multitude of lies and deceptions are exposed almost daily.
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description Despite a mandate of helping the people of this planet, the cleverly veneered assurances of the Church under a guise of “goodness” have served only to create distrust, disharmony and religious wars. There is a reason that conflict is occurring.

Explore with the author the allegoric composite that became Jesus; Joseph of Arimathea and see him finally unmasked; the Jews’ shaky claim to the Promised Land; infiltration of darkness in our religions and holy books; the truth about 9/11 and the killing of Princess Diana; the Roman Piso, hoax perpetrated on the world; Hiram Abif at the foundation level of the Masonic craft; prehistoric Egypt as the cradle of Christianity; evil, monstrous, brutal and non-Christian Popes; the amazing secrets of the Qumran Copper Scroll; the wisdom of Kings David and Solomon; the Vatican scam that still affects us all today; the Queen of Sheba located in Ethiopian legend; the mystery of the Cartouche of Tutankhamen; that Adolf Hitler was certainly an illegitimate Rothschild; inside Skull and Bones and The Bohemian Club; the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the IRS; the Illuminati manipulation of our daily lives; and exposing the leader of the NWO and the Antichrist.

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