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Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature

Tesla's Science of Energy, edited by Thomas Valone, PhD, PE
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description Dr Nikola Tesla's dream of the worldwide wireless transmission of power was never realised, but the centenary of the construction of his Wardenclyffe Tower in New York is an anniversary to be remembered.

This is one motive behind this collection of papers dedicated to Tesla's work and memory, edited Tom Valone, an engineer, physicist, author, long-time Teslaphile and president of Integrity Research Institute. Tesla himself knew he was way ahead of his time, and perhaps his eccentric personality was as much a hindrance as a help, as borne out in his relationships with rich benefactors like Westinghouse and Morgan. But these essays, papers, technical briefings and press clippings remind us that we still have so much to learn from Tesla and his work.

This compilation is divided into three parts. The first section explores the early years of Tesla's genius with electricity, and has contributions from William Terbo (a descendant of Tesla), UK author Keith Tutt, as well as Tom Valone, who looks at the history of the Niagara Falls hydroelectric projects of the 1890s. The second section focuses on the principles of wireless power transmission. It includes Tesla's landmark paper plus specialist commentaries from the early 1980s onwards by physicists and engineers such as Dr Andrija Puharich, Toby Grotz, brothers James and Ken Corum, Dr Elizabeth Rauscher and more.

There's coverage of self-sustained longitudinal waves, Tesla's magnifying transmitter and ELF oscillator, and how to harness the Earth-ionosphere resonant cavity. The third section features miscellaneous articles on the homopolar generator, Tesla's ioniser and ozonator, FBI documents on Tesla, plus a selection of Tesla's patents. A welcome addition to the Tesla bookshelf.

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