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The Energy Evolution - Volume 4

Harnessing Free Energy From Nature by Viktor Schauberger. Edited by Callum Coates
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description This book draws together Schauberger's writings on harnessing energy from nature. Having observed how nature produces energy by a slow, cool, implosive means (an efficient, centripetal, inward motion), he set upon designing machines based on this principle. Presented here are his theories and observations on the biological vacuum, the life-current in air and water, electromagnetism and implosion/explosion, as well as a number of inventions including an air turbine, a home energy generator, a cooling/heating machine, a device for producing spring water and even an antigravity craft. Schauberger urges us to care about nature by working with it rather than against it. These volumes speak reams about what we should be doing to improve our world.

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