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The Water Wizard - Volume 1

Volume 1 in the Eco-Technology four part series of Victor Schauberger’s papers by Callum Coates.
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description Austrian theorist and engineering genius Viktor Schauberger (1885 –1958) spent a lifetime observing and intuiting the processes of Nature, water in particular. So much so, he earned the nickname "the Water Wizard" — an apt title for this book.

This is the first of four volumes in the milestone "Eco-Technology" series, encapsulating for the first time in English the letters, papers, articles and debates of Viktor Schauberger. (Forthcoming volumes will cover trees, soil and fertility.) The material has been painstakingly collated, translated and edited by Callum Coats who has spent many years studying Schauberger's theories and inventions and has had access to family archives courtesy of Victor's son Walter. Coats is also the author of Living Energies, the definitive account of Schauberger's life and achievements.

Viktor Schauberger well understood the importance of water as a life-giver, but he equally understood how water can become diseased and devoid of life-enhancing energy when treated incorrectly or ignorantly. What he criticised vehemently in his day about poor water-management practices is applicable even more so today. Water quality control workers, for instance, need to be aware that recycled water is lifeless and unfit for human consumption unless it has been reinvigorated—using simple energy-restoring technologies. In fact, anyone who has anything to do with water, whether catching, storing, drinking or disposing of it, should be encouraged to study and apply Schauberger's principles and practices.

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