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The Lucid View

Investigations into Occultism, Ufology and Paranoid Awareness by Aeolus Kephas
Description Does the paranoid world view actually explain anything? Does it, perhaps, explain everything? Paranoid awareness is growing more pervasive with every passing year, as global events continue to fuel our need for an underlying order to the chaos. Paranoid awareness finds connections and hidden meanings in otherwise mundane occurrences.

At its purest, the aim of paranoid awareness is identical in spirit to that of the romantic poets, the Dadaists, the Surrealists, and other artistic movements: to undermine and eventually overthrow consensus reality, and to replace it with individual, creative vision. This is nothing new. What is remarkable in today's age is that the paranoid view is now seeping into the collective experience in the form of global conspiracies, occult societies, satanic rituals, demonic possessions, alien abductions, and divine interventions.

Consensus reality is itself growing progressively more paranoid. This is a natural progression. In the current scientific debates, no one can say what force governs and creates the laws of physics, but perception is unanimously regarded as being central to the process. We see what we expect to see. What makes one man's reality another mans hallucination? And how many people have to agree upon a hallucination before it becomes consensus? If belief determines what we see, how can we trust our senses? And if reality is in the eye of the beholder, why should we believe anything at all?

The Lucid View looks at these thorny questions in an attempt to grasp the rose of truth. It plumbs the mind of the paranoid, hoping to find the truth behind the conjecture. If our beliefs and perceptions are creating our reality, then isn't it time we looked more closely at what—and who—is creating our beliefs and moulding our perceptions?

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