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The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 14, number 3.
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description Books
"State Secrets II: Return Fire" by Ben C. Vidgen
"The Science of Extraterrestrials" by Eric Julien
"Child Exodus from Tibet" by Birgit van de Wijer
"Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure" by Randy Koppang
"The Twin Deception" by Tony Bushby
"Induced After Death Communication" by Allan L. Botkin
"Living in a Fascist Country" by Vernon Coleman
"The End of Suffering" by Russell Targ and J. J. Hurtak, PhD
"Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization" by R. Heath
"Forbidden Religion" edited by J. Douglas Kenyon
"The Yowie" by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper
"Asbestos House" by Gideon Haigh
"The Cygnus Mystery" by Andrew Collins
"The Electric Sky" by Donald E. Scott

CDs & DVDs
"Spiritworld" produced and directed by Chris Everard
"The Truth About Hypertension" from Health Educational Program
"The Heavenly Gait & Other Earthly Pleasures" by David Hall

"Women of the World: Acoustic" by various artists
"Wátina" by Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective
"An Other Cup" by Yusuf
"Pranah" by Mark Biehl
"Infinite Voice" by Darlene Koldenhoven


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