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The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 2, number 17.
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description REVIEWS-Books
"The Sun And The Serpent" by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst.
"Return Of The Rainbow Race - Prophecies & Predictions, 1995-2012" by Doug Osborne.
"Racketeering In Medicine - The Suppression Of Alternatives" by James P. Carter, MD.
"Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality - The Story Of John R. R. Searl" by John A. Thomas, Jr.
"Burden Of Proof - Surviving Cancer, AIDS And Most Other Diseases" by James P. Hilton.
"Wise Women Of The Dreamtime - Aboriginal Tales Of The Ancestral Powers" by Johanna Lambert.
"Health & Survival In The 21st Century" by Ross Horne.
"Mankind's Grand Illusion - The Nine Dimensions" by John Allen.
"Alternative Plans & Products Catalogue - 6th Edition 1994".
"Tiny Game Hunting - Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap & Rid Pests from Your House and Garden" by Hilary Dole Klein & Adrian M. Wenner.
"Tomorrow's Weather" by Alex S. Gliddes.
"George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin.

"I'm OK But You Need Professional Help!" by David Granirer.
"First Light" by Warren Connors.
"Wilderness" by Tony O'Connor.
"Inner Peace, Beautiful Inner Self" by Grand Master Jack Lim.


"Energising By Lymphacising" by Ian Pettitt.

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