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The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 3, number 1.
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description REVIEWS--Products
"The Rave Man" from Vibrance

"The Paradise Conspiracy" by Ian Wishart
''Angels Don'T Play This HAARP" by Nick Begich & Jeane Manning
"Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky" by Charles Ginenthal
"The Cure For All Diseases" by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.
"When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis" by Rand & Rose Flem-Ath
"Mysterious Australia" by Rex Gilroy
"Upcoming Changes" by Joya Pope
"The Obedience of Australia" by Peter Jones
''Your Body's Many Cries For Water" by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
"Millennium Prophecies" by A. T. Mann
"Dead Men Can't Talk" by Alexander Niles
"In Secret Mongolia" by Henning Haslund
"Bad Medicine" by John Archer
"The Jesus Conspiracy" by Holger Kersten & Elmar R. Gruber
"Nostradamus: The New Revelations" by John Hbgue
"Vegetarian Baby & Child" by Pelra Jackson

"The Hemp Revolution" directed by Anthony Clarke
"Medical Miracles" with Dr Sam Chachoua

"Wetland" by Shaun Rigney
"Bloodwood" by Alan Dargin with Michael Atherton
'Where There Is Life" by Luciano
"Music of the Angels" by Gerald Jay Markoe
"Beggars and Saints" byJai Uttal & the Pelican Love Orchestra
"Lovesong" by Tony O'Connor
"A Healing & Replenishment..." by The Galactic Troubleshooter
"Mermaids in the Well" by Kavisha Mazzella
"Vida Para Vida" by Oliver Serano-Alve

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