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The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 4, number 4.
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description REVIEWS—Books
"The Roswell Message" by René Coudris
"Master R: Lord of Our Civilisation" by Michael Taylor
"Enter the Vortex as One Light" by Sizzond Zadore (Jon Whistler)
"Sounding the Inner Landscape" by Kay Gardner
"The God Hypothesis" by Joe Lewels, Ph.D.
"Colloidal Silver: The Hidden Truths" by Keith F. Courtenay
"Miracles" by Cassandra Eason
"Alternative 4: UFOs, Mind & Body Control" by Alder
"Who Killed the Darling Buds of May?" by Catherine O'Driscoll
"The Shadow of Atlantis" by Alexander Braghine
"The Benefactor's Monkey" by Christopher Morten
"Ancient Tonga & the Lost City of Mu'a" by David Hatcher Childress
"Beyond Roswell" by Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle
"Betrayal of the Spirit" by Nori J. Muster
"Children of a Toxic Harvest" by Eve Hillary

REVIEWS—Lecture Tape

"The Secrets of the Vatican" with Simon Treselyan

"Australian International UFO Symposium, Vols. 1-12"


"Acoustic Research Series" by Dr Jeffrey Thompson
"Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music" by Boris Mourashkin
"Harmonic Resonance" by Jim Oliver
"Healing Key" by SPIN.FX
"Naked Didge" by Dr Didge

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