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The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 9, number 3.
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd

"My Quest for the Yeti" by Reinhold Messner
"September 11" by Noam Chomsky
"Blindsided – Planet X Passes in 2003" by Mark Hazlewood
"The Lost Book of Enki" by Zecharia Sitchin
"Quest for Zero Point Energy" by Moray B. King
"The Invisible College" by Robert Lomas
"Them:  Adventures with Extremists" by Jon Ronson
"Trust Us, We're Experts!" by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber
"Heart Frauds" by Charles T. McGee, MD
"The Healer" by Jack Temple
"Day of Deceit:  FDR and Pearl Harbor" by Robert B. Stinnett
"Acid:  A New Secret History of LSD" by David Black
"Underworld" by Graham Hancock
"Love and Death in the Valley" by Rev. Kevin D. Annett
"All Fall Down" by William Thomas
"Ramtha, A Master's Reflection on the History of Humanity"

"Guitarra del Fuego" by Johannes Linstead
"Music from the Coffee Lands II" by various artists
"Ziroq" by Ziroq
"Chakra Suite" by Steve Halpern
"Lotus Groove" by various artists

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