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NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd


A DVD containing the text files (PDFs)...


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NEXUS MAGAZINE: 1987-2014 (upgrade only)

Offer for those who have purchased any...


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Hormone Heresy

What women MUST know about their...


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Fluoride Fatigue

Fluoride Poisoning: is fluoride in your...


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Raising a Vaccine Free Child

By Wendy Lydall. Foreword by Dr Mike...


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Colloidal Silver - The Hidden Truths

by Keith Courtenay


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The Light that Heals

Energy Medicine Today and Beyond, by...


Product details

Behavioural Problems in Childhood

Behavioural problems and the link to...


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Dirty Electricity and Electro Radiation

Understanding Electromagnetic Energy by...


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Every Breath You Take

Help for asthma sufferers with...


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The Chronicle of Akakor (book download)

By Karl Brugger. Preface by Erich von...


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The Shadow of Atlantis

by Alexander Braghine


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Land of the Gods

How a Scottish Landscape was Sanctified...


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Lost Cities of China, Central Asia & India

by David Hatcher Childress


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Far-Out Adventures

The Best of World Explorer Magazine...


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Mystery in Acambaro

by Charles H. Hapgood. Intro &...


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The History of Atlantis

by Lewis Spence


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Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

Charles Hapgood's classic 1966 book on...


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