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NEXUS vol. 13, no. 4

June-July 2006
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd
Description The Port Arthur Massacre: Was Martin Bryant Framed? - Part 1, by Carl Wernerhoff; Adverse Health Effects of Indoor Moulds by Luke Curtis, Allan Lieberman, Martha Stark, William Rea & Marsha Vetter; The Far West Drug MetaGroup: Drugs, Managed Violence and the Russian 9/11 by Peter Dale Scott; Parasite Elimination Using the Electric Carbon Arc Lamp by Carmi B. Hazen; The Scale-Expanding Cosmos Theory by C. Johan Masreliez; Rainbox Water Generator: Pure Drinking Water from the Air We Breathe; The Revolutionary “Massive Yet Tiny” Engine; Marcus Reid’s Crystal Units; A UFO Conversation With Senator Barry Goldwater by Clark C. McClelland; The Quest for the Metal Library by Philip Coppens; British Computer Hacker Accessed Secret UFO Files; Former US Military Intelligence Analyst Speaks Out On UFOs

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