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Organic Rosehip 7 Precious Oils

Organic Rosehip 7 Precious Oils 15ml
Manufacturer: NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd

A synergistic blend of seven essential oils, Organic Rosehip Skincare’s 7 Precious Oils is one of our best selling products and it is not hard to see why. People that have used the oil have noticed immediate results with the improvement of the appearance of their skin. It almost instantly hydrates and nourishes the skin and the results can be seen right before you eyes.

The Organic Rosehip 7 Precious Oils helps to hydrate the skin and improve the tone and texture whilst moisturising and revitalising. Your skin will feel softer and smoother with a healthier and more radiant look. It can be used on dry, blemished and sun damaged skin. An excellent serum for wrinkles, burns, scars, acne scars and spots.

Made from carefully selected organic plants, flowers, herbs and essential oils which are blended together to give maximum results in improving the skins youthful appearance. This exquisite oil is rich in Vitamins C, A, B, E and Minerals. A natural antioxidant for your skin.

The Organic 7 Precious Oils contains over 65 roses.

Rose essential oil vibrates at a rate of 320 MHz. The highest measured frequency of any essential oil. Rose Essential Oil has a beautiful, strong floral and sweet aroma.

Our products contain 100% Organic ingredients; NO animal products, No Synthetic Chemicals or fillers.

Benefits: Wrinkles, dry skin, burns, cuts, scars, spots, acne and sun damaged skin.

  • Dry skin, burns, cuts, scars
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles and acne
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Rich in Vitamins C, A, B, E and minerals
  • A natural antioxidant for your skin

Directions for use: Apply 2-3 drops to cleansed moist skin day and night.

Ingredients: Organic rosehip seed oil; natural vitamin E; organic chamomile and marigold extracts; organic carrot seed oil; organic jojoba oil; organic rose oil and ylang ylang oil.

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